Par ( 1+1 )

( 2020 )

︎︎︎Editorial Design
︎︎︎Art Direction
︎︎︎Content Curation
Final Degree Project
Par ( 1+1 ) is a magazine that investigates the concept of pair. To explore this concept,
is very rich in itself, it produces an effect which transcends mere investigation. Ascertaining
that sometimes the relationship between two elements, of whatever nature, can become more important than each element independently and can consequently change our perspective
on them forever. The idea of pair allows us to go through different themes, different historical periods, different lives. From the sickly dependent relationship between a mother and daughter named Bouvier, to the most famous rivalries in the history of art, passing through  the happy unions in which a creative talent It reached its zenith thanks to collaboration with another similar talent. They were all two. Pairs, symmetrical, similar.